Save an empire of sweetness in this delightful sequel
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Zylom Games

Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients is a game where you have to rule a confection company.
As Alexandra Tangye, granddaughter of Evangeline Baumeister, you´ll have to save the confection company that bears her family's name. You must help her to build a new cocoa corporation and regain control of Baumeister Confections, searching the world for exclusive recipes, helpful hints, and secret ingredients to mix into rich new recipes in your tasting lab.

You can play Chocolatier 2 in two game modes, with an action-packed storyline or in the free playing, doing whatever you want.

You´ll have to build the basic blocks, using the necessary ingredients, without wasting them. Then, you´ll need to buy other ingredients, as sugar and cocoa, sometimes travelling to buy them.

You can buy new recipes, and even another confection companies. You´ll have to keep an eye on your stock of ingredients, in order to keep manufacturing chocolates all the time. The prices of the ingredients will vary from port to port, and from season to season.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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